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Dinner and Storytelling at Çiçekli Avlu

Çiçekli Avlu

This is a guest post by Ayşe – 9 years old.

On Saturday night, we went to Çiçekli Avlu for dinner. Çiçekli Avlu is in Ulamış, Seferihisar. When you arrive, you will be greeted with the smell of fresh bread and the sound of live music. Çiçekli Avlu is a big garden (enclosed with plastic if there is bad weather). In the center is a soba – a type of heater. After you choose a seat, the service starts immediately. They bring you an appetizer plate – tomatoes, cheese and so on. They also serve yogurt, eggplant and more in small plates. For the main meal, they serve you meatballs and french fries.

If you know some Turkish, I recommend you go at storytelling time. There will be a woman telling stories about men, women, prettiness, and loneliness. The woman will also sing songs. Hope you enjoy your time!

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