Olive Picking in Manisa

The Aegean region is famous for its olives, figs, grapes, cotton, and tobacco. One of our closest friends’ family owns an olive grove, and we joined them last Autumn to help harvest olives. First, we laid down large sheets below the olive trees to collect the olives. → Continue reading "Olive Picking in Manisa"

Turkish Word for Honey

Following are some helpful translations from Turkish to English for words relating to bees, honey and honey production. TurkishEnglishNotesarıbeeNote the vowel “ı” at the end of arıarı kovanıbeehiveMore specific than “kovan”arıcıbeekeeperAlso apiaristbalhoneykovanhiveKovan may also translate into other wordspetekhoneycomb → Continue reading "Turkish Word for Honey"

What is Keşkek?

Keşkek is pronounced /kesh-kek/ in English. It is a hearty porridge-like dish that people in Western Turkey serve at weddings, circumcision celebrations, and religious holidays. Keşkek is made of cracked wheat or barley and meat or chicken. → Continue reading "What is Keşkek?"

Dinner and Storytelling at Çiçekli Avlu

This is a guest post by Ayşe – 9 years old. On Saturday night, we went to Çiçekli Avlu for dinner. Çiçekli Avlu is in Ulamış, Seferihisar. When you arrive, you will be greeted with the smell of fresh bread and the sound of live music. → Continue reading "Dinner and Storytelling at Çiçekli Avlu"