A Visit to the Zeki Muren Art Museum

I recently visited the Zeki Muren Art Museum during a trip to Bodrum, Turkey – Zeki Müren Sanat Müzesi in Turkish. The late Zeki Muren was a renowned singer, composer, actor, and poet. He is probably best known for his music and silky smooth singing voice. → Continue reading "A Visit to the Zeki Muren Art Museum"

UNO Rules for Two Players

Two-player UNO requires several special rules which make this version of the game a little different from multi-player UNO. If you have more than two players you may want to read our other article on how to play UNO. → Continue reading "UNO Rules for Two Players"

What is Turşu?

Turşu translates to “pickle” in English and Turks pronounce it like “tour-shoo.” The word refers to any pickled vegetable, not just cucumbers. Turşu is an essential side dish served alongside certain types of main dishes in Turkey. → Continue reading "What is Turşu?"

Olive Picking in Manisa

The Aegean region is famous for its olives, figs, grapes, cotton, and tobacco. One of our closest friends’ family owns an olive grove, and we joined them last Autumn to help harvest olives. First, we laid down large sheets below the olive trees to collect the olives. → Continue reading "Olive Picking in Manisa"

Turkish Word for Honey

Following are some helpful translations from Turkish to English for words relating to bees, honey and honey production. TurkishEnglishNotesarıbeeNote the vowel “ı” at the end of arıarı kovanıbeehiveMore specific than “kovan”arıcıbeekeeperAlso apiaristbalhoneykovanhiveKovan may also translate into other wordspetekhoneycomb → Continue reading "Turkish Word for Honey"