How to Play UNO

This article will help you learn how to play UNO. We’ll briefly describe the object of the game, setup, gameplay, and special cards. UNO can be played with as few as two players and as many as ten players. → Continue reading "How to Play UNO"

2020 Nobel Prize Awarded for Work on Black Holes

Gaurav Khanna, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Black holes are perhaps the most mysterious objects in nature. They warp space and time in extreme ways and contain a mathematical impossibility, a singularity – an infinitely hot and dense object within. → Continue reading "2020 Nobel Prize Awarded for Work on Black Holes"

2020 Yamaha MT-07 First Ride Review

I bought a new 2020 Yamaha MT-07 a few days ago and went on my first ride. I want to share my initial impression of the bike in the context of other motorcycles I’ve owned and myself as a rider. Context First off, I’m 5′ 5″ (165 cm) tall, so clearly in the “short rider” category. → Continue reading "2020 Yamaha MT-07 First Ride Review"

Netfilter Tables Cheat Sheet

This post is a cheat sheet describing some of the basic commands used to configure Netfilter Tables – nftables – using the nft command-line utility. Netfilter Table Structure Netfilter tables are organized hierarchically. → Continue reading "Netfilter Tables Cheat Sheet"

Installing Folding@home on Ubuntu Desktop

This post describes how to install the Folding@home (read “folding at home”) software package on Ubuntu Desktop (using a GUI!). That package includes FAHClient, FAHControl, and FAHViewer. → Continue reading "Installing Folding@home on Ubuntu Desktop"