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What is Turşu?

Turşu translates to “pickle” in English and Turks pronounce it like “tour-shoo.” The word refers to any pickled vegetable, not just cucumbers. Turşu is an essential side dish served alongside certain types of main dishes in Turkey.

Ayse Anil

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Turkish Honey
Turkish Word for Honey

Following are some helpful translations from Turkish to English for words relating to bees, honey and honey production. Turkish English Notes arı bee Note the vowel “ı” at the end of arı arı kovanı beehive More specific than “kovan” arıcı beekeeper Also apiarist bal honey kovan hive Kovan may also translate into other words petek […]


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What is Keşkek?

Keşkek is pronounced /kesh-kek/ in English. It is a hearty porridge-like dish that people in Western Turkey serve at weddings, circumcision celebrations, and religious holidays. Keşkek is made of cracked wheat or barley and meat or chicken.


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